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Ballet can help develop your muscle strength and endurance, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, mental strength and confidence. Whether you are completely new to ballet or a seasoned dancer, there is a class for everyone to get stronger together.


At Studio by Raquel Yeo, we want to create a safe communal space where you can discover yourself freely in our studio. Come as you are!

Jacky Yeo

Dancer of Absolute Beginner Ballet

Raquel is a wonderful, cheerful, and passionate teacher. She is very knowledgeable in teaching adult ballet classes. I attended ballet due to a recommendation from my doctor to train and correct my balancing cognitive issue I had since young. Ever since I attended, my balancing has improved drastically. Male dancers who are shy or felt awkward, can give it a try. I recommend it! It is always normal to feel uneasy as there would be more females than males, but trust me you will feel comfortable!
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Studio by Raquel Yeo

261 Waterloo Street


Singapore 180261

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