Adult Ballet


Absolute Beginner Ballet

A 10-week introduction to ballet course to induct learners with no dance experience into the fundamentals of the classical ballet technique. You will learn the basic ballet positions and movements that will inherently help you to improve your posture, coordination, strength and flexibility.

After the course, dancers can progress to Studio Ballet Basics (Level 1 Non-Syllabus Ballet) class where you will be introduced to more variations in the exercises to further develop the ballet technique.

Studio Ballet Basics
(Level 1 Non-Syllabus Ballet)

You will further develop the fundamentals of classical ballet and perform simple combinations at the barre and centre. The exercises are tailored to help you build a strong foundation for movements like pirouettes and allegro, which will be taught progressively.

This class is suitable for adults who have basic ballet knowledge or for those who are looking to rekindle their relationship with ballet.

Dancers can progress to Studio Ballet Classic (Level 2 Non-Syllabus Ballet) after 1 year of ballet training in Level 1.

Studio Ballet Classic
(Level 2 Non-Syllabus Ballet)

You will leverage on your foundation in the classical ballet technique and learn more complex and dynamic adage, pirouette and allegro combinations. The exercises will reinforce your strength, flexibility, coordination and artistry as your body works in balanced harmony.

This class is suitable for adults who have attended at least 1 year of regular ballet training.

After 1 year of training in Level 2, learners may progress to learning the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) graded syllabus. They may be eligible to take the RAD examination based on the educator's discretion.

Learners may also be given the option to be enrolled in the The Right Pointe programme.

Class Schedule

Absolute Beginner Ballet

Sunday | 2.30pm - 3.30pm

(New term commencing 8 Jan 2023) 


Studio Ballet Basics (Level 1 - Developing Beginners)

Saturday | 1.15pm - 2.15pm

(New term commencing 7 Jan 2023)

Studio Ballet Basics (Level 1 - Developing/Advanced Beginners)

Sunday | 1.30pm - 2.30pm

(New term commencing 8 Jan 2023)

Studio Ballet Classic (Level 2)

Thursday  |  7.30pm - 8.45pm
(New term commencing 5 Jan 2023)

Saturday  |  2.15pm - 3.30pm
(New term commencing 7 Jan 2023)