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FLX Flexibility Training


Flexibility training is not just stretching. Flexibility is determined by the muscles attributing and restricting any movement. Tight or stiff muscles will limit range of motion and prevent body movements. The idea of incorporating flexibility training in one’s daily life is fundamental. The Flexistretcher® safely improves flexibility by simultaneously stretching and strengthening muscles. 

What is a Flexistretcher®?

Flexistretcher® is the leading stretch, strength, and recovery training tool used by dancers, yogis, and athletes globally. Harnessing the power of elastic resistance combined with nylon straps for stability, the Flexistretcher® safely improves flexibility while simultaneously strengthening muscles as they stretch. 

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Who is FLX Training designed for?

Anyone who wants to be more flexible, improve performance, and strengthen and lengthen their muscles.

For more information about FLX, please click here.

Class Schedule

No classes scheduled at present.

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