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Valentine's Day 2023:
Pas de Deux Workshop

11 February 2023 (Sat)
11.15am - 12.30pm

In classical ballet, pas de deux [paa-duh-dur] translates to “step of two”. It is usually performed by a female and a male dancer. 


The order of a grand pas de deux usually follows (but is not limited to) an entrada (introduction), an adagio (main pas de deux), a male variation (solo) followed by a female variation (solo), and finally, a coda (finale).


During a pas de deux, the female dancer is usually supported by the male dancer as they execute techniques such as promenades, lifts, turns and jumps. There is an equal amount of strength and technique from both dancers to coordinate the partnered work.

By the end of the workshop, you will:

  1. gain a better appreciation for partnering work in ballet;

  2. learn and apply the values of partnering work in your relationship as a couple.


This workshop is targeted to adult participants.


If you need advice on whether you are suited to join the workshop, please reach out to us via WhatsApp at 8861 0430 or

Workshop Details

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11 February 2023 (Sat)

11.15am - 12.30pm (75 minutes)

Free Movement Solutions
494 MacPherson Road
Singapore 368200


$70 per couple

(Register by 5 Feb 2023, 23:35)

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About the Pas de Deux Workshop

During the workshop, you will learn some basic tips o
f partnering work and cover two major techniques of pas de deux – balance and promenades. After which, you will put the techniques together into a simple choreography and showcase it with your partner.


  • Both participants must be physically fit with no existing injuries.

  • Male participants must be able to support the weight of their partner when she is standing on one leg.

  • Female participants must have basic knowledge in the classical ballet technique and have secure posture.

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