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What should I expect at my first pointe shoe fitting?

Updated: Mar 23

If you are reading this, you are probably about to go for your first pointe shoe fitting. This is possibly the moment you have been looking forward to. It is important to go for a pointe shoe fitting because you need a professional to assess your feet and make sure you are fitted correctly. This is to ensure that you are well-supported while dancing en pointe.

(For more information about pointe work, please read the previous entry on What's the pointe about?)

To ensure you have a positive experience at your first pointe shoe fitting session, here's a guide to prepare you.

What should I do before going for a fitting?

  1. Look for a local dance store that carries stocks for pointe shoes and offers pointe shoe fitting session. For dancers in Singapore, you can check out Sonata Dancewear and Capezio Singapore (OKH Ballet). {Note: Sonata Dancewear imposes a SGD10 service fee for pointe shoe fitting appointments. Fees will be waived if you purchase a pair of pointe shoes, or at the discretion of the Pointe Shoe Specialist.)

  2. Call up or visit the store's website to make an appointment for fitting. Pointe shoe fitting is a thorough process and requires a generous amount of time (approximately 30 - 60 minutes).

The fitter is assessing the foot of the dancer. You will be required to be barefoot for a clearer assessment.

How should I be dressed on the day of fitting?

  1. Be properly attired. Wearing your leotard and convertible tights would be ideal for the fitter to have a clearer observation of your feet and alignment during the fitting. You want to feel exactly how you would feel dancing in the studio in your pointe shoes.

  2. Be sure your toenails are trimmed. Since the tips of your toes will be bearing your body weight, you want to avoid keeping your toenails too long as it will cause extra pressure in the nail bed area while en pointe.

The fitter will get you to do some pliés, tendus, rises and relevés to watch your legs and feet work.

What should I expect on the day of fitting?

  1. Expect the fitter to do a quick pre-pointe assessment. Your teacher would have already done some pre-pointe exercises with you to assess your preparedness for pointe training. As the fitter is seeing you for the first time, he/she needs to assess your strength and range of movement. You will be asked to do some pliés, tendus, rises and relevés to watch your legs and feet work. This will help him/her figure out what model of shoes will suit your feet best.

  2. The fitter will ask you some questions. Pointe shoe fittings can be tricky. There are so many considerations the fitter need to take note of - feet type, feet width, feet length, feet compressibility, strength, flexibility, and many more. The fitter will mostly ask you about your comfort level when executing certain movements in the pointe shoes. You need to communicate honestly with the fitter about how you feel and do not hesitate to share your needs.

What accessories should I get for my pointe shoes?

  1. Satin ribbons and elastic bands. Dancers sew ribbons and elastics onto their pointe shoes to keep their feet firmly affixed to them while dancing.

  2. Crochet pad/Suede tips. To extend the quality of the shoes, dancers use crochet pad/suede tips to cover the platform of the shoes to avoid fraying of the satin.

  3. Toe protection and miscellaneous accessories. Depending on your feet type and needs, add-ons will be advised by the fitter.

  4. Sewing kit. You want to ensure you have a kit with you at every pointe class in case you need to do last minute rescue on your shoes.

If it is your first fitting, you may take some time to finally find the model that suits your feet best. Expect trying on a few pairs of shoes until you find a suitable pair. As our feet are continually changing due to different reasons, you may or may not be wearing the same model of pointe shoes after the pair dies out. Be open-minded to explore your options carefully.

Have fun at your pointe shoe fitting!

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