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Private Ballet Tutoring


Private ballet tutoring is offered to anyone, regardless of age and ability, who desires to develop mastery in the ballet technique through a more streamlined pedagogy. We personalise each lesson based on your individual ability, needs, and goals, so that you can achieve the best in a safe and progressive manner.

Services Provided:

  • Coaching class to develop the ballet technique for beginning or seasoned dancer

  • Coaching class to prepare for ballet examination/competition

  • Coaching class to learn a choreography or ballet variation

  • Group ballet class (for corporate/private events)

  • Hen's Party

  • Ballet conditioning

  • Pre-pointe and pointe training

  • Pointe shoe ribbon and elastics sewing tutorial


We offer private lessons to individuals and groups. Speak to us about your needs and goals, and we will work in partnership with you to meet them.

Book a session with Raquel

Speak to us about your needs and goals.

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