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Teen Ballet


Teen Ballet

(Level 1 Non-Syllabus Ballet)

Teen Ballet (Level 1) is a non-syllabus ballet programme to induct teenagers who have the desire to learn ballet at a later age. 


You will learn the fundamentals of classical ballet and gain mastery in performing basic ballet positions and movements in simple combinations.

This programme is suitable for pre-teens and teens (ages 11 - 17) who have no prior experience in dance or basic ballet knowledge.

After the course, dancers can progress to Teen Ballet (Level 2 Non-Syllabus Ballet) class where you will be introduced to more variations in the exercises to further develop the ballet technique.


Teen Ballet
(Level 2 Non-Syllabus Ballet)

You will further develop the fundamentals of classical ballet and perform simple combinations at the barre and centre. The exercises are tailored to help you build a strong foundation for movements like pirouettes and allegro, which will be taught progressively.

This class is suitable for pre-teens and teens (ages 11 - 17) who have at least 1 year of ballet experience.

Dancers can progress to the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus after 1 year in Level 2.

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Teen Ballet (Level 1)

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