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Started learning ballet for the first time in this studio and have been staying ever since. Raquel is precise in giving instructions. She is encouraging and patient. I'd recommend anyone to learn ballet with Raquel.

— Maya Nastasya

Student of Studio Ballet Basics

I was looking for a place for my 4-year-old daughter to learn ballet. We went for a trial class and my daughter was in love with Teacher Raquel right away. Every class was fun and she would ask if we were going for ballet after school every day even though ballet class was only once a week. Definitely made the right choice putting her there! Can’t wait to watch her progress with Raquel!

— Tang Yong

Parent on behalf of Daughter
Student of Movers and Shakers

Raquel is very patient. I love that it's a small studio which makes it easier to interact with the instructor and to learn. From the aesthetics to the lesson preparations, Raquel always exceeds expectations. Definitely recommend to adults who are interested to learn ballet. 👍

— Charmaine Lim

Student of Studio Ballet Basics

Focus on details and patient in teaching. It’s important to have a teacher who make classes enjoyable. Thank you for making class enjoyable each time!

— Lim Hai Qi

Student of Progressing Ballet Technique

As a Yoga teacher, I appreciate Raquel's style of teaching. She:

  • is clear in explaining different steps/movements;

  • pays close attention to each student;

  • stops to correct our form & alignment;

  • checks that we do it before moving on;

  • is strict and encouraging at the right times;

  • understanding towards different body types and ability;

  • extremely professional in her teaching and communication.

I love my ballet practice and am so glad to have found her.

— Sheela Cheong

Student of Studio Ballet Basics

I have tried a few ballet studios before coming to Raquel’s studio. She has been the sweetest and patient teacher to me. Her lessons are never boring as she changes up her barre and centre work every class. The ballet techniques are enhanced through the routine Raquel has created. I look forward to class every week :)

— Regina Yeo

Student of Studio Ballet Classic

Raquel is a very professional and dedicated teacher. I am an adult beginner, have tried a few other ballet schools/studios, and I find Raquel to be the most helpful and patient.

Lessons are also comfortable and fruitful. I am surrounded by fellow beginners and we are encouraged to do our best within our means. We start from basics and are well paced to build foundation, not rushing into performing choreography before we are ready.

A great introduction to ballet in my opinion.

— Mandy Wang

Student of Studio Ballet Basics

Raquel is so patient in her teaching. As the class sizes are not too big, she is able to give each of us very precise corrections and make sure that we each are able to do the exercise properly before we move on. Classes are always fun and lively, and Raquel also regularly offers workshops so we get to try learning variations!

— Teo En Qi
Student of Beginner Pointe Work

We have been attending Ms Raquel’s ballet classes for 6 months now. Ms Raquel has been a very responsible teacher, a rare jem in the education space. Through ballet class, she inculcates discipline, postures, creativity in my daughter. My daughter enjoys her lessons very much.

— Raylia He

Parent on behalf of Daughter

Student of Royal Academy of Dance
Pre-Primary in Dance

My daughter attended Movers and Shakers class and she absolutely loves it. Miss Raquel is a fantastic teacher who makes the lessons fun and engaging. Thank you Miss Raquel for all that you do!

— Clara Wan

Parent on behalf of Daughter

Student of Movers and Shakers

Great dance experience at studio by Raquel Yeo! Highly recommend parents to bring their children to attend the dance workshops. It was such an enjoyable and memorable experience! Will definitely be back for more!

— Sharon Han

Parent on behalf of Daughter

Participant of Swan Lake Workshop

I first started classes at Raquel’s studio thinking of just doing a term. Now I am on to my 4th term and enjoying every lesson! Raquel is patient and understanding. While she strives for us to push ourselves, she is not pressurising. Thanks Raquel for doing what you do 😊

— Karyn Chen

Student of Studio Ballet Classic

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